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    How to Get the Best Price When Buying or Leasing a New Mercedes-Benz
    (The Seven Steps to Getting the Best Deal From Dealers)
The key to getting the best deal on a new Mercedes-Benz is arriving at the Mercedes-Benz dealership with the relevant pricing information that will allow you, the customer, to be in control. is here to help you compile the information you need from Mercedes-Benz dealers to save thousands of dollars off of the listed price on your new Mercedes-Benz purchase or lease.

New Mercedes-Benz vehicles are identical, whether purchased from an Mercedes-Benz dealer down the block, or 200 miles away. By spending a few minutes on our site and some time on the phone with the Mercedes-Benz dealers you are willing to travel to, you will identify the lowest price and be positioned to negotiate your Mercedes-Benz purchase or lease from the best possible position.

Step 1 - The Information Request: After you choose a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, fill out your basic contact information as requested in the PriceQuotes form. This information will only be used by Mercedes-Benz dealers to provide you with pricing information on your new Mercedes-Benz request.  Please note that your accurate contact information is required in order to process your Mercedes-Benz purchase or lease quote request.  Without accurate information, we are unfortunately unable to process your Mercedes-Benz price quote request.

Step 2 - Record and Compare Price Quotes: Make sure to document and save all pricing information you receive from Mercedes-Benz dealers. Sometimes you will have to send a follow-up email to the Mercedes-Benz dealership to get a solid price or lease quote on the Mercedes-Benz of your choice. Be firm but polite for best results.

Step 3 - Follow Up: Let the Mercedes-Benz dealers you contact know that you are not the typical Mercedes-Benz buyer and will only visit the Mercedes-Benz dealership that offers you the best purchase or lease price. Mercedes-Benz dealers value a phone call above an email and will often be willing to offer you an even better price. Ask for that new Mercedes-Benz price quote in writing, by email.

Step 4 - Persistence: Now that you have one price quote on the new Mercedes-Benz of your choice that is lower than the rest, call back all the Mercedes-Benz dealers to allow them a second chance to 'outbid' the lowest Mercedes-Benz price or lease quote. That way they have an opportunity to beat it. Don't forget to take all fees into consideration when calculating pricing.

Step 5 - Offer Your Own Incentives: Mercedes-Benz dealers have incentives to offer, but so do you: You can offer a Mercedes-Benz dealer a positive rating on the Customer Satisfaction Survey that you are asked to fill out after you buy or lease the Mercedes-Benz vehicle. You can also offer to review their Mercedes-Benz dealership on dealer review sites as well. Additionally, you could commit to servicing your vehicle at the Mercedes-Benz dealership. These incentives have been known to extract excellent deals on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, whether buying or leasing.

Step 6 - Financial Preparation: Planning your lease / purchase financing options before you visit a dealership will also give you more room to negotiate on vehicle pricing and additional loan programs. Walking in with a pre-approved car purchase loan, for example, may result in the Mercedes-Benz dealer offering a lower interest rate via the dealer's preferred financing program. Additionally, the higher your cash down payment, the more wiggle room you will have for price and interest negotiation. Though many dealers will be flexible, 20% of the price of a car is the ideal down payment to offer on a purchase loan. If you have a current car in good condition, you may be able to trade it to the dealer to cover all or part of the down payment. If you plan to lease, the average down payment expectation is around $3000. Paying cash in full for a purchase, of course, will save you money on loan interest in the long run.

Step 7 - Close the Deal: You should now have the lowest price in front of you and your financing plan in hand. Final step before you complete the deal is to request a statement in writing from the Mercedes-Benz dealership verifying that they have the car you want, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and the purchase or lease price you agreed upon.

Congratulations! Your days of strolling into an auto dealer unprepared are over! With this advice and our web site at your disposal, you are an informed automobile consumer, armed with knowledge and the raw market-efficient power afforded by the Internet to buy or lease for less. You will not only drive away regret-free from the dealer's lot in the vehicle of your choice, but with hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in savings in your pocket.

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