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This site is dedicated to helping consumers educate themselves and easily locate the kind of deal they are looking for while shopping online. Created in 1998 by Dr. Michael G. Samet, Phd. of Referral Technology, Inc., PriceQuotes.com aims to optimize the experiences internet shoppers have while shopping around for the best possible value before making an investment by offering them information and choice - for free!

We do so by narrowing down our user's options for them, based on criteria they supply, taking that time-costly step out of their hands, and with no necessary commitment on their part. This allows shoppers to sometimes bypass commissioned salespeople altogether, and gives them access to special promotions and offers.

At PriceQuotes.com, we don't actually sell anything at all. Rather, we refer shoppers to terrific deals with some of the top established companies, both brick and mortar and internet-based, in their areas of interest. For some categories we provide price quotes for the product or service being researched, and for others, we link our users with viable prospects.

We firmly believe that an educated customer will be the most satisfied customer, and that education begins with choice. We have made it our mission to offer you just that.

Michael G. Samet, Ph.D.
CEO, Referral Technology, Inc.

Michael G. Samet, Ph.D., is a human factors scientist, applied technologist and consumer psychologist who focuses on creating systems that work the way users expect. Dr. Samet likes to work top down, bottom up and middle out, all according to the evolutionary approach to system development that he has pioneered and taught over several years. Interactive information systems designed by Dr. Samet, including other websites, feature a unique combination of power, speed and ease of use for enhancing human performance and productivity on computer-supported tasks; and these award-winning systems have been successfully and repeatedly used by millions of people.

Dr. Samet originated and designed a popular consumer website that won a Webby Award in 1997.

Alan Hirsch
President, Referral Technology, Inc.

Alan Hirsch is CEO of B.H. Direct Response, Inc., an advertising agency specializing in lead generation, and whose clients include Sears Roebuck Company, Matrix Direct in partnership with AIG Insurance and Quicken Loans.

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